Congratulations to Jeppe Sigfusson

23 Mar Congratulations to Jeppe Sigfusson

With a mission to identify and attract leaders, heavy specialists and budding talents that will fit Public’s dynamic corporate culture and hyper growth reality, we have managed to find a great match for this journey and exciting vision. We have just placed Jeppe Sigfusson as Engineering Chief of Staff at Public, who will play an important role not only in terms of management and recruitment, but also in terms of ensuring that the unique culture is continued and also developed in the right direction.

Jeppe Sigfusson: “I think it has been great working with Tomas (Talbro). He understood who Public was and where they were going, and he could, on that background, and with his otherwise quite in-depth knowledge of me, see a match, even though at the time of our meeting there was no current task that just fit. But he said: “okay, there are some competencies here that fit well with Public both in terms of values, culture, experiences and personality, so maybe we can find a solution that everyone can be happy with”. The experience throughout the process has been reassuring with good follow-up along the way, where we have slowly approached each other and have also reached a role that suits me perfectly, and where I can create great value for Public”. Jeppe describes his experience with the recruitment process as a professional experience where there has been control of the process.

Jeppe describes the first week at Public as exciting, but also busy.

“I enter a company where there is full speed ahead, and where you are well received, and everyone welcomes you“. Jeppe describes Public as a young and very ambitious company, with great dynamism and team spirit. He has been met with great friendliness and interest from all his new colleagues. Whether you talk to Tobias (CTO), the developers in Denmark or business development in the USA, you quickly notice that we have a common vision and are all in the same boat. Even though it has only been a little over a week, I feel like I have been here in oceans of time. It is a pretty cool feeling and I am convinced that Public is a great match for me.

According to Jeppe, the working environment at Public is described as positive and open. “Everyone helps each other, which also contributes to me feeling really comfortable here. It is a start-up with three years behind it, and therefore has great energy in terms of coming out with the best products and ultimately achieving the vision of democratizing the stock market. So the company exudes an energy of we are new and that we must help each other get bigger and better all the time”.

The primary reasons why Jeppe chose to start at Public are the entrepreneurial spirit and not least the company’s strong vision. Everyone in the company is working towards a common goal of a strong social platform tied together with an investment app that will help to open the stock market to everyone and change the culture of investing. There may be obstacles and one can fail along the way, but everyone helps each other. “They have a unique vision and business model that I 100% believe in and will fight for.” Their mission to make investing accessible to everyone, and the idea of ​​creating a community around investing in stocks, is something that Jeppe thinks is unique. At Public, Jeppe gets to contribute with the experiences and competencies he has and see the effect of his work.

Written by Rawipreeya Jaroenpisut

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