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Isja Maria Cooper


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Is your dream to work with the currency of the future and do you want to have an influence on the financial system?


MakerDAO is a Start-up company, that continuously work towards developing the stable cryptocurrency: Dai. The company has several revolutionary and exciting projects in the making, with the common goal of making finance more transparent and efficient in a more ethical and moral manner. Today there are already several cryptocurrencies on the market, but it is challenging to employ them in relations to financial systems, for example like electronic payments, because cryptocurrencies often lack stability. MakerDAO are the first on the market to develop a decentralized and transparent Stablecoin system, that can utilize all the advantages of Blockchain technology without compromising the stability, which is the foundation of a strong currency and therefore crucial for the expansion and acceptations of the system.


In 2017 MakerDAO received a large seven figure investment from several American venture funds and are now establishing a proper “company” that can reinforce the work of the community, that has overseen the development so far. Because of this expansion they are searching for a passionate and talented QA Lead.


As QA Lead you will be responsible for Quality Assurance including automated testing and the different processes and tools that support it. As the company’s first dedicated QA Lead you will have plenty of opportunities to influence decisions regarding technology and testing tools, since you will be a part of establishing the department. In addition, you will be in charge of managing and building the QA-team and ensuring that MakerDAO always delivers high-quality services.


Your primary tasks and areas of responsibility:


  • Managing and building a QA Scenario testing team for the next major release of the system
  • Defining and implementing a Test Automation Framework
  • Enable the individual developments teams to be fully responsible for the quality of their deliverables
  • Controlling, coordinating, quality assuring and process optimizing the testing department
  • Partake in the development work in selected teams



Ønskede kompetencer og erfaring


The ideal candidate may have a tertiary education – preferably within civil engineering or computer science – however relevant experience is precedented. The right candidate has comprehensive experience with automated testing in open source environments. Furthermore, the candidate must have relevant experience in management and be accustomed to driving agile processes, that focus on quality assurance. Solution based work experience with Blockchain and Smart Contract is a plus.


As a person the candidate is motivated by an environment which is both innovative and complex and where there are great opportunities to make a real difference. Ultimately you thrive in the position as a hands-on manager, that is not afraid of new technology.


Because MakerDAO is an international company, where English is a part of the corporate language, your English skills – spoken as well as written – must be excellent.




MakerDAO is a start-up company that supports the cryptocurrency Dai, which has been under development since 2015. Dai has a stable value (also known as a Stablecoin) of 1 US Dollar per Dai, and this cryptocurrency has proved, that it can stay relatively close to the Dollar despite of large fluctuations in the general cryptocurrency market. This is due to the constant process of securing Dai through other assets (it operates like the gold standard for regular currencies), and that a different currency; MKR responsibly operates and secures the system behind Dai. It is the investors of MKR that assure that the system always is sufficiently capitalized.


MakerDAO has offices worldwide and are now looking towards the possibility of establishing a main office in Denmark for a fund in charge of all activities in MakerDao. The company currently has approximately 50 employees, and that number is expected to grow substantially over the next couple of years.